For those of you who cannot read German, here is my rough translation of the review:

Behind Sabinas Rex is the multitalent Vlado Kormos, who has written and
produced his second demo with "The Legacy Of Saints". Kormos who himself
plays keyboards, bass and guitars has with Jana Steiger (vocals), Baron
Misuraca (vocals), Edwin Shiry (guitar) and Teodor Lvovsky (drums) taken
people for intensifying reasons into the boat. And something truly
considerable has come of it. One cannot really place the sound into
any specific category because the independance on "The Legacy Of Saints".
Assessed somewhere between epic metal and gothic rock, an utmost appealing
demo cd has been created here, which sounds everything else but antiquated.
A little bit of orchestra here, a few crisp riffs here, two male vocalists
and a female vocalist...additionally matured songwriting and intelligent
lyrics take care of the fact that this cd does give fatigue no chance at all.
It is truly impressive, how many good ideas have been compiled and realized here.
The entire thing has due to often changed characters in the vocals and the
many instruments, which throughout takes care of a matured, constantly
changing atmosphere, which has something of an extraordinary musical.
Comparisons are truly really hard to find. In "Mercy" comparisons can be
made of Jana Steiger's vocals to FLOWING TEARS, whereas the incredible good
"Evil's Faith" shows many elements of HOLLENTHON. It is best when you listen
to "Viva La Musica" and "Evil's Faith". True, we are speaking here of a demo,
but that comes with a several page booklet and in pressed format, but has
to accept to have lowered one's sights in the sound. Nine points for the
captivating songwriting, 5 points for the demo typical sound quality - makes
in the end a good seven points with the addition: Well, the possible best
demo cd, which has come into my hands since a very long time ago. The band
has something geniusly and could land in the future its great success! Cool.

Points: 7/10

Das Wertungssystem
The Black point system

10 Punkte Meisterwerk - ein nahezu perfektes Album / 10 points - masterpiece - an almost perfect cd
9 Punkte Hammer-Scheibe / 9 points - a cd that beats everything
8 Punkte Sehr gutes Album / 8 points - a very good cd
7 Punkte Überdurchschnittlich / 7 points - above average
6 Punkte Massenware / 6 points - mass product
5 Punkte Biederes Mittelmaß / 5 points - simple average
4 Punkte Schwach / 4 points - weak
3 Punkte Schlecht / 3 points - bad
2 Punkte Grauenvoll / 2 points - horrible
1 Punkt Zum Kotzen - Der letzte Scheiss / 1 point - makes me throw up - the last shit