For those of you who cannot read German, here is my rough translation of the review:

SABINAS REX concerns a project, which the present keyboarder of the gothic metal-band VASARIA,
Vlado Kormos, has already called into life some years ago, together with the vocalist Jana Steiger.
Vlado is a very talented, classically trained multi-instrumentalist, to who's specific talents,
besides the keyboard- and bass playing also belongs the composing of ingratiating, catchy and most
of all wonderfully harmonic melodies, which are searching their equals. SABINAS REX serves the purpose
to put on a show of Vlado's visions, and when I listen to the current demo of the troupe from New York,
then I am sure, that the master is satisfied with that what has been achieved. This time the duo received
reinforcement from Vlado's band colleague Baron Joseph Misuraca and from the guitarist Edwin Shirey.

Stylistically SABINAS REX deals with orchestrally arranged, symphonic rock, which takes its inspirations
from the various genres. One can hear a lot of classical piano music, a good portion pleasant non-kitschy
gothic rock, a little bit metal, as well as AOR, neo-classical film music and progressive artrock. This all
is very beautifully realized and obtains through the really impressing singing achievements from Jana and
Baron Misuraca a strong, and yet very pleasant emotional style. Jana sings hereby very clear and voluminous,
but never too high, which is also the reason why she does not fit into any of the usual clichés of female vocals.
Just listen once to "The March Of Misery", then you will know, what I mean. One just has to be enthusiastic
bout such feelingly and yet strong vocals, especially when they are presented as well in the low, as also in
the moderate pitches simply immaculate.

Very nice is the atypical duett, which Jana and Baron Misuraca oblige with the opening song "When", which shines
beyond with very beautiful flutes- and string synthesizers and furthermore contains some of the few metallic
sections on the album. The following track is based more on classical piano sounds and begins accordingly also
with a wonderful,deep, but very clear vocal insert from Joseph to the play of the pianist, into which, after a
while a wonderful, neo-classical inspired guitar lead joins in, before it leads into the chorale chorus, which
is followed by a truly fantastic guitar solo from Edwin. The piece which is most rock and the hardest on this album
is "The Way Somewhere Else", which with the synthesizers in the intro very much reminds one of various hard rock
bands from the seventies. This piece is unforunately, apart from two parts with spherical vocals out of Jana's throat,
more or less an instrumental piece, out of which one could have made more with real lyrics. But luckily "I Still See You"
grabs the radiation of the synthesizers successfully and swings between moog-like sounds and harpsichord, which accompany
the vocals of Baron Misuraca in the intro. Later on the guitar joins with some hard staccati, before the song opens
hamonically in the chorus and gives much room to melodious sounds which let's itself unfold freely. Still following
are the already mentioned, from Jana perfectly sung and as for the rest from the piano and string sounds influenced
"The March Of Misery", before "Praise The King" with the short instrumental string-synthesizers-Outro, ending with
"Forward Forever".

Therefore, SABINAS REX deals with, after all surely not really with metal, for hard, heavy and aggressive is here
only very little and the sparingly dosed drums come out of the computer. The self-appointed representative of the
pure teachings can therefore definitely save the listening.
But more tolerant contemporary customers will discover beautiful,melancholy melodies and vocal achievements full of
feelings with "Praise The King", like they are truly not on the day's order. Added to that comes, that Vlado is a
true master of the classical arrangements and the harmonies. Who feels spoken to from such things, should absolutely
check out visit the homepage from the band under

Listening tips: Praise The King, I Still See You, The March Of Misery.