For those of you who cannot read German, here is my rough translation of the review:

The multinational band around main songwriter Vlado Kormos, which already have gained a quite positive resonance (feedback) in the
Underground with their first official demo "Praise The King" which has been released a few months ago, have now their second demo at
the start. It listens to the title "The Legacy Of Saints" and shines again mainly with vocals which are full of feeling, ingratiating
melodies and terse song structures in symponical keyboard-bombast.

Especially the dark, warm, gothic-style like singing of VASARIA's Baron Misuraca and the likewise rather low voice, strong with expressions,
of his colleague Jana Steiger makes the specifically special charm what makes SABINAS REX so attractive. In this way the male vocal part in
the opening song "I Will Be Free" reminds very much of diverse gloomy combos, which also gets supported by the orchestral arranged synthesizers
and the use of the riffs. The very demanding lead guitars of Edwin Shirey on the other hand are classically orientated and give it all also an
unobstrusive metallic listing. In Teodor Lvovski the band has in the meantime found a striking mechanism made of flesh and bones, wo audibly does
good to the compositions with the dynamic and the dramatic, although he mainly keeps himself discreetly in the background. With the very beautiful
and most of all very strong and catchy "Viva La Musica" Jana Steiger and Vlado Kormos present mainly in the refrain a very beautiful choral sounding
duet. Vlado's keys are a bit spherical and the solos once again give evidence of the very high musical level of the band. The pure keyboard-ballade
"Mercy" gets sung only by Jana in a very penetrating and dramatic way, and I am not even able to say how pleasant it is in my point of view, that
SABINAS REX does not base on an exchangeable trilling sopranist, but on a female vocal with character. Unequal harder and most of all more rock, it
then gets with the from Baron Misuraca sung "Evil's Faith", although also here calmer parts are existing. Despite that it is one of the most metal
like tracks of the band. The demo ends with the disinviting, of the very atmospherical sounding keyboard dominated "Hope Of Innocents". The track
describes an from lyricist Franzisca Guedel worked out conversation between an angel and God about that what has become of creation. The protagonists
are vocal wise embodied by Jana and Vlado, and stretched out instrumental parts create the suitable sacremental mood.

That all sounds very positive and is also really meant this way, and yet "The Legacy Of Saints" is not yet completely perfect. That is mainly
due to the sound, which espeically makes the drums appear very non-differentiated and causes the lead guitar at times to move a bit too far into
the background. That is unfortunate since Edwin Shirey is just really great on the six stringed. Despite that the involved musicians reveal, that they
have very much potential and with a more transparent and balanced production already very soon can present a very big official debut cd. The compositions
of Kormos are thought through and are very demanding, and have soul. Based on the mix of style I would recommend this cd mainly to fans of the more keyboard
focused, quiet and melodious things of PARADISE LOST, SAVIOURMACHINE AND VIRGIN STEEL. Although the three very different sounding lead singers
of the band already award with their very own profile.

Listening Tips: Viva La Musica, Mercy, Evil's Faith